Ellaland: Page #1


Join the Ellaism Community Discord channel and share your ideas for the next page!
Discord Channel: https://t.co/UNQAdFOpkE

Donate to the Artist of Ellaland and to the Developer Community Fund. A part of every donation to the Ellaland Artist will be shared with the Developers to help keep Ellaism thriving! When 1,000 ELLA is collected.. (3/4) “750 ELLA” will be donated to the Developers. View the wallet balance here: https://explorer.ellaism.org/account/0xaF0Ef032A75A1936C7FcAf03BE5dD3F1d0079258
Ellaism Receiving Address: 0xaF0Ef032A75A1936C7FcAf03BE5dD3F1d0079258

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